West African Style Shakshuka


4 Large Eggs 

1 Jar Egunsi's Ata Din Din Sauce (Red Pepper)

1/4 Cup Canola Oil 

1/4 Diced Onion 

1/4 Kosher Salt 


On a medium heat pour oil in a cast iron skillet or frying pan and let heat for 3-5 min.

Add your diced onion and sauté for 3 min, then pour Egunsi's Ata Din Din Sauce (Red Pepper) into the skillet, let simmer for 8-10. Add salt to taste. 

Crack Eggs one at a time in a small bowl and drop one at a time in the simmering Ata Din Din (Red Pepper) Sauce, reduce heat to medium low heat and let cook for 8-10 min. 

Serve with toasted bread of your desire or better yet over a simple boiled rice. Bon Appetit!