About our food

Egunsifoods is a food company focused on producing refrigerated African food derived from classic West African dishes. Our meals are produced with fresh ingredients and chilled quickly to preserve the flavors, taste and nutrients.

Our mission is to introduce the public to the diverse, delicious and flavorful cuisines West Africa has to offer. Getting back to our African legacy of Farm-To-Table, we source our produce locally whenever possible and partner with farmers in Africa to source their raw materials. 

Our philosophy is to actively give back to African farmers and artisans, creating a long-term impact through social entrepreneurship instead of short-term donation through philanthropy.

Why not plan your next meal with us and experience African flavors?


about our Founder

Yemisi, a Nigerian born raised in New England and currently reside in New York, is the founder of EgunsiFoods - the company that brings people together around food to experience African flavors! She has lived in New York for 10 years and is loving it. Her stay was supposed to be a 5-year run, but New York has a way of making you stay longer! 

Everyone asks, "How do you pronounce your company name?" Phonetically it's pronounced A-Goo-See (the Goo is the same sound as when you pronounce the beginning of Google), not E-Gun-See, the name of a well-known West African seed used for making the famous Egusi Stew.

Yemisi's curiosity for food began at a very young age. She's filled with fond memories of food: going to the farmers' market with her mom, helping her family grow their own produce on their 10-acre plot, and assisting her mum in the kitchen for the daily meal preparation. She loved observing the men and women of the Yoruba street compound prep and cook during their many, many celebrations, including Ile ya (Christmas Holidays), naming ceremonies, weddings, and birthdays. Celebrations always involved the exchange of food with neighbors, while wishing each other "Barka De Sallah" during the holidays.

Today Yemisi likes finding new and exciting things about the cuisines of her native land and creating authentic, natural and flavorful meals derived from classic West African dishes.